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About Us

Idea behind Bulkse is to provide low cost product directly from manufacturers/factory end to retailers. Under this process the product cost will be reduced by 20-30% that helps the retailers to make more profit. Retailer can order in bulk and get extra discount on volume. Our main motive is to provide a single platform where all the manufacturers from all the industries can come and sell their products directly to the buyers (Retailers/shopkeepers). Products will dispatched directly from Manufacturer/Wholesaler to retailer. One place where you can buy or sale anything at Factory price.

We had given our best efforts to make an easiest user interface that allows buying and selling more effective. Here at Bulkse retailers can watch videos of every product to ensure they are getting what they want and they don’t need to visit different cities or to different manufacturers. Same as Manufacturers are also getting opportunity to sale there product all over India.

Our Process:-

Process of buying or selling at Bulkse is very simple. First you need to signup/login to Bulkse through your mobile number/Email ID.

As a manufacturer of any category you need to list all your products with the product description and pricing, including discounts if buying in volume. Once any retailer place any order then you need to pack the product as per the order details and our courier will take the next step to dispatch the product and deliver it to the retailers place.

For Retailers you can use filter option to select the category of product you want see then select the product quantity and place order just like any other ecommerce/shopping sites. Once the order is placed you will be notified for the expected delivery date.

Payment option:

There are multiple payment option available. Retailers can choose COD, UPI Payment and Bank transfer option from the payment section.

Easy returns policy is provided if there is any change in product or quality of product. You can check the return and cancellation policy for more details.

Benefits to Manufacturers and retailers:-

The name BULKSE itself says a lot. Manufactures can sell their product in bulk in all over India without approaching multiple retailer. No need to do any promotional or advertisements activity for a product. Retailers from all over India can order there product from here and get at their place.

Buying products from Bulkse gives retailer a major benefit of saving 20-30% on every order the place. As the product I coming directly from manufacturers end so the price will eventually reduce by 20-30% itself. Another benefit for retailers is that they don’t need to visit different cities to buy products as well as they don’t need to worry about the transportation.

Comparatively buying product form a local or any other wholesaler will increase the pricing of your product.

For Retailers order and get your products from BULKSE in a lower price and give great offer pricing on every product to your customers. This will increase your customer base.

Rating & Review

Archana Dixit

Outstanding. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever owned. The work was custom and exactly as

Soun S

I'm satisfied with my purchase! The delivery was fast, and the product is exactly as described.


Perfect tables. I love the quality. They boxes they used to ship were the best I’ve seen.

Suresh Garg

Simply stunning! The quality exceeded my expectations and was true to the description. It raises the

Vinay ji

My table is exquisitely constructed from just real wood. It looks fantastic in my departure room.

Vishal Jain

I purchased these legs for some live edge tables I made. Love the quality and it just completes the